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Architectural Alchemy 
Designing for agus

Our mission is to bring to life the essence of Agus - a brand synonymous with clean, modern, and sophisticated designs that gracefully transform spaces in and around Marbella.

Agus Intro

Logo Creation

Agus Architecture is a sleek and modern design studio located in Marbella. Their designs are characterised by their bold yet minimalist approach, featuring clean lines and light colors. Maria Honrado, the founder of Agus, desired a logo that would complement her architectural creations.

The beautiful and sleek logo draws inspiration from her portfolio of contemporary projects. It incorporates an elegant and clean typeface, with a gracefully stylized 'G' that highlights the creativity in her work. This bold logo stands out on all her printed and digital materials while maintaining the clean and minimalist style as per the initial brief.

Agus Logo - Black
Agus Architecture Studio Website

Wix Website Design

Building on her contemporary logo, we developed a sophisticated website that prominently showcased her portfolio and rendered works. Leveraging Maria's name, we integrated the four pillars of her architectural practice into the design, adding depth and significance to her brand.

As a 3D rendering expert, Maria's website seamlessly incorporates her stunning 3D renders, offering prospective clients an immersive experience within her architectural creations. This immersive feature allows potential customers to explore and engage with her designs in a captivating and informative manner.

Business Card Design

Maria frequently participates in design events, making an elegant business card an essential accessory. We maintained the clean and minimalist theme for her physical business card, and we also arranged for a sleek electronic business card. This digital tool enabled her to efficiently share her contact information and other digital assets with prospective clients at these events, ensuring a seamless and professional interaction.

Fiverr - Business Card - Agus - Website

SEO Blog Posts

As any skilled designer recognises, SEO plays a pivotal role in enhancing engagement. Leveraging Maria's extensive knowledge, we promptly integrated it into a stylish blog, allowing her to share her insights with a broader audience and boost traffic to her website.

With the combination of creative content writing and a touch of AI (which greatly aids in incorporating effective long-tail keywords), we crafted a compelling blog. This effort resulted in substantial traction and meaningful conversations within the industry, establishing Maria as an influential voice in her field.

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